Simple words
from vacant voices,
mindless tongues.

Empty sounds
fill the unfamiliar

Heart pounding,
forcing smiles.
Eyes staring,
palms resting
on my shoulders.


My hands quietly rattle
the light grocery bag
my past
as I follow them
to a room.

my room

They say they’re here
for me,
they say they care.

But all I hear
are vague sounds
from the mouths
of strangers.

Simple words
that have been said before.


is now


Song Sparrow


Their song is sung
in even the darkest of nights.
Bringing the world around them
once more to life.

Their voices-
so vibrant,
so vivid,
so poignant,
and clear.
Gives them strength
to face their fears.

For the sparrow sings
its songs of life
in moments of power
and in moments of strife.

No matter how far
they may roam
the song of their soul
makes the world their home.

The song sparrows are one of the most adaptable animals on earth and can live in the best-or worst- of situations, and throughout it all, they continue to sing.

I think these birds can teach us a thing or two.

Since I’ve Been Away…

About a year and a half ago, I started working on what I hoped would become a full poetry book. I stopped adding to it around the same time I stopped posting on here.

I would like to start posting excerpts from my poems on here, just to gain some feedback, because I have no idea where to get any unbiased opinions. However, I don’t want to give too much away if I ever am to publish.

So, what are your thoughts on posting excerpts? Do you like reading them, are they aggravating/boring? Would you provide any helpful feedback?

I was much more confident in writing before I stopped, now I question everything and struggle for inspiration. So, I think it would help me to dig into my past writings to get a feel for where I was at that point in my life and compare it to where I am now.


Sneaking a small glance
over my left shoulder
to gather a glimpse of who,
of what
I once was.

Never were my sights
set on my past,
but now my eyes
can’t seem to stray
from a looking-glass

The longer I look,

the closer I become.


Keep my eyes straight,
keep my mind steady.
don’t fade.

*It’s crazy where your mind will take you when you just start typing away with no planned thought. This is the first poem I have written in about a year and a half so please be kind. It was written in less than 5 minutes and I had no idea where this was going when I started typing, so I guess you can consider it “freestyle”? haha

Back to Business

August 2016… the last time I logged in on this blog and wow, so, so much has changed.

Over a year ago, I took a *much longer than intended* break from blogging, social media, and writing all together because I felt that because of all of the real world commitments I had made, I couldn’t commit to much in this virtual world. While life stressors seem to be building and life seems to be growing more and more hectic by the hour, I still feel empty. I feel like I’m missing something, that I’m not doing something that I’m supposed to be doing- which feels very similar to walking into a room and forgetting why. It’s aggravating, frustrating, and you feel taunted by your forgetfulness.

I recently downloaded Google Docs so that I could write something for grad-school (Social Work), and came across my rough, ROUGH draft of a poetry book I started about 2 years ago. I hadn’t looked at it since leaving this blog. It flooded my heart and filled that strange void I was feeling.

I plan get back into the rhythm of things and get my flow back… get it… rhythm and flow… like a poem..? Ah, forget it!

ANYWAY, without further ado, I just wanted to re-introduce myself to this wonderful community. I hope we will get to know one another soon!

❤ Allison


The inconsistency of my thoughts

tangles me with myself.

I am unable to control 

the footsteps of my mind.

As my left leg longs

to step right,

my right leg reaches

to the left,

yet I know

that I should only move forward. 

I trip over myself

and fall more times

than I can stand,

so I remain


on the path to virtue.

Erupted Galaxy

I ache at the memory
of your unclouded eyes,
as I recall the clear,
crystalline reflection
that vividly portrayed
Only me.
Now, when I catch glimpse,
I see that the galaxy
has erupted
and each and every star
fell into your eyes.
Blinded by the reflections
that now infest your mind,
you can no longer
remember mine.