Love Yourself

What they say isn’t true.
You don’t need to love yourself
Before someone can love you.

All the things about you that you hate
Your quirks, your fears,
Your hair, or your ears
Someone will love
And find really great.

Sometimes it takes acceptance
from someone else
To accept our flaws
And love our self.


My entry for MeMee’s poetry party!


20 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Me too! I still believe a person needs to love himself/herself first. Otherwise if the person leaves, you’ll lose your ground for accepting yourself. But what you said in the poem is also true that a person can love you inspite of your flaws. 🙂 short but meaty piece here. 🙂


    1. This is speaking more on a personal level because I never really saw much in myself until my fiance showed it to me. I never believed that anyone would ever want to be with me because of my self-image problem and he’s helped me through a lot of that. But I agree with what you’re saying, it’s true that losing the person creates the possibility of losing your love for yourself as well.


      1. Unless he’s showed you so well and taught you perfectly what’s there to live about you enough that not even him can take that away. 🙂 and i feel that’s the case. Hey, if I’m right, he’s a real keeper! 🙂

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