New Facebook Page!

I finally set up a Facebook account for my blog:
I’m still extremely new to blogging, and I’m even newer to linking accounts. I’m not completely sure what I’m doing yet, haha. But, please visit and “like” my page 🙂

Thanks for all of your support!


8 thoughts on “New Facebook Page!

  1. Hi Blair, I created a Facebook page as well. I will follow you there (as well as her and twitter as I already do). I have only 9 facebook followers, all of which are friends. So let’s follow each other and help get ourselves out there further.

    I did a paid advertisement for the poetry contest on Facebook it resulted in a lot of likes for the post but zero followers. Then I discovered I can do a paid advertisement for my page. I’ll try that in a couple of weeks and let you know how that goes for getting Facebook attention! Wow, over 200 followers in 2 months… that is amazing! You are doing something right. I am at 4 months and haven’t hit a hundred yet. But I know I just need to be patient because my minions are out their, they just haven’t discovered me yet!

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    1. I’m not exactly sure what to do with my Facebook or Twitter to be completely honest, haha. And I haven’t had much time to sit down and get it all put together yet. I deleted my Facebook for personal reasons and had to create one to create my page. So, I have no Facebook friends and only one follower (myself) on my blog’s page, I haven’t told many of my friends about my blog and I’m not planning to until I’m more confident with it. The one I did tell, doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter, so that didn’t get me anywhere, haha.
      I’ve read things about buying advertisements and I learned that if you buy followers, that most of them are inactive/fake accounts. Your money just goes to raising your numbers, not your actual traffic. I’m not sure about the legitimate Facebook ads though.
      And thanks! I’m really new to blogging and I have no idea how quickly you’re supposed to gain followers or how many views a blog actually gets. Especially with my free version, no advertising, and no blogger friends to boost my site or to guide me. And your blog is awesome! You’re right, your people just haven’t found you yet 🙂

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  2. Yes, most people I know do not know I have a blog. I figured it gives me more freedom to express gripes and things that occur in my life without hurting those around me or shining a lot on them or invading their privacy, etc. They’re not signing up for public exposure, I am.

    Twitter, I just started to, in connection with the blogging201 assignment to explore other platforms and that’s why I made it such a big part of my events. I do like the look of my twitter feed on my blog. It kinda gives it an added depth of legitimacy… or thanks kinda how I respond to it. LOL

    I am eager to see the results of the poetry party tomorrow!


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    1. I haven’t outed my blog for the same reason and for the sheer embarrassment of it. I’m one of those people who are terrified of what people think, unfortunately. So until I know what I’m doing and feel like what post on here is good enough, I’m remaining in the blogging closet!
      And yeah, I agree! haha I just added the Facebook and twitter widgets to my page, I noticed them on someone else’s earlier today and realized that that my help.
      And me too! There were great submissions!

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  3. Oh, I noticed today on the Facebook pages that there is a “call to action” … it is free to use. It is a button (there are different choices). I chose “sign up”. It sends people to your actual web page, not just the Facebook page.

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