My Process of Writing

Staring at a blank screen
Thoughts trampling through my mind.
If love were like a-”
Maybe I’ll try
My heart beats pound out-”
Not that either.
I want to write a poem
On love and how much I just adore this guy!
But nothing sounds right.
I have too many ideas,
they’re running all over the place
and stomping each other to the ground.
The cursor is cursing at me,
“Just start typing, go with it!”
My brain yells,
“Just write what you feel!”
But my fingers keep stopping,
and searching for the “backspace”
Deleting my thoughts
until something clearer appears.
But what if nothing ever comes?
What if I continue to sit at this computer,
staring at this screen,
with my fingers posed
to write something moving
something meaningful
just… something I can bring myself to finish!?
No, that’s not going to happen
I have a goal.
I am writing this poem.
Then love turns to hearts
Which turns to red
which turns to blood
which turns to murder
which… wait.
That’s not what I wanted to write at all!
…But I kinda like it.
Ah, I’ll just submit that instead.


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