A Shattered Heart

A shattered heart
Scattered across the floor
Broken apart
Together no more.

And used.

It no longer works
The way it used to.
Now, like a corpse
It is dead, lifeless, blue.

To the ground
It tumbled
Barely made a sound
As it stumbled

Now it lies
Cracked and crumbled.
All out of tries
To recover from this fumble.


13 thoughts on “A Shattered Heart

    1. That’s weird.. I wonder why? I’m not good with tech stuff and barely understand how this blog site even works, haha. I’ll look at the settings and see if I notice anything set up wrong.


    2. I see what you mean, I tried clicking ‘like’ and it clicks the Facebook share button instead. I may have to change my theme or layout or something. I’ve gotten several other comments about compatibility issues. I’ve just have never personally had a problem and wasn’t sure if it was my site or their browsers.

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      1. Maybe is a combination of things. What is also possible is that it is a bug in the theme. Maybe an update would help, if you should decide to.


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