A Mermaid’s Tale

Down here,
There’s an entire world
No human could possibly understand.
They can imagine, even visit.
But they will never truly comprehend.

Their lack of knowledge
Creates mystery and speculation
A sense of wonder and amazement.
They draw up these colorful images
Write these beautiful stories
And fantasize our reality
Until it’s no longer our reality.

Their perception is futile
And their judgements are offensive.
Thinking they know.
Believing we’re something that we aren’t.
A fairy tale.
A dream.
But in our world,
We are something much different.
Humanity fabricated an idea of us.
Transformed us into something

Long,  flowing hair.
Darting, bright eyes.
Shimmering, lustrous fin.
And an enchanting, vivacious life.

They make us out to be these spectacles
And make up these stories
Because they assume that’s how it would be.

Vibrant fish swimming all around.
Colorful coral covering the ground.
Glistening waters
And deep sea treasures.

But the reality,
The real reality,
Is much less appealing
And much more appalling.

We have to search for a safe place
To rest our heads each night.
We have to scavenge for food
And constantly stay on the move
To avoid the dangers
Of fishermen, sharks, and other monsters that scour the sea.

We have no defenses.
With our frail skin,
and our thin fins,
We can never feel true safety.

In the sea,
We are the prey.
Not the princesses.


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