Attention Bloggers!

I feel too many bloggers avoid interacting with the most important part of blogging – Their followers, likers, and commenters! People who actually take time out of their busy days to read our thoughts, opinions, and random strings of words. It’s so amazing to me that I have over 200 followers and I’m so very thankful for each and every person who has read my posts!! It’s awesome to have this support from people who have some background in writing and blogging and others out there like me, who are just trying to figure out what they’re doing with their lives and with their words.

I really want to connect with you and get to know more about everyone. Also, I would like to promote anyone who wants to participate. I know how hard it is to get noticed in this world of bloggers and I would like to give you somewhat of a podium to let your voice be heard.

So, if anyone would like to do this, write a short story, a poem, or anything you like to tell me and everyone else something about yourself, your writing, or why you decided to become a blogger.

You can either write it in the comments below or you can post about it on your personal blog and I will reblog it to my site. Just be sure to comment a link to your post so that I will see it.

I can’t wait to read more about everyone!


20 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers!

  1. Genius of a title… who’s attention will that not grab! Brilliant, Blair!!!! Brilliant! I have written a post and when it goes live, you’ll see the link. It will not be today because I do not post everyday and posting multiples on one day and nothing on others just doesn’t work in this blogging world. There is a link back though so I’m sure you’ll see it. I think I will schedule it for Monday, do the results of the poetry contest on Tuesday, who knows what for Wednesday, Thursday is thankful again, who knows Friday, Saturday is dogs, Sunday will be a poetry winner… wow, I am finally starting to get stuff done ahead of time… yay me!

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    1. Haha! You sound so much more organized than me. I just aim to post 1-3 “whatever I happen to come up with” things a day, which sometimes I don’t get the chance to even think about it until I’m laying in bed at night. I need to learn to start scheduling things on here, it makes a lot more sense. And thank you for doing it! I’m looking forward to reading your post! 🙂

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        1. Haha, yes! I had no idea that there were so many people doing the same thing as me. I see so many blogs that seem so put together and organized, then I reflect on my own and think, “Oh I really need to step up my game” haha. But then I see the majority of everyone else’s and realize that I’m not the only one just starting and trying to figure things out. It really provides a sense of comfort that there are people out there doing what I’m doing.

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          1. Definitely, I totally agree, though your blog is the type I’m really into because in my head its “real” its you and your thoughts, not just a blog about travel or about diets but about various types of “stuff” 😀

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          2. Haha, well thank you! 🙂 While those types of blogs can be helpful, I agree. I like blogs where you know it’s a real person writing about real feelings or things that have happened to them. Not just posts about the exact same thing every day.

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  2. Hi! i believe people are more selfish in that matter, we want attention but we don’t really want to give it ourselves ^-^ I myself is used to “liking back” and sometimes I just get busy with work :/ you’re very considerate and I’m happy to have followed you 🙂 I made blogs so I could organize my poetry, I like to write them just almost everywhere and I tend to lose them >< anyway having a blog feels like there's a little reward in the thought that I am sharing it with people. 🙂 this is what i recently wrote. have a good day and blessed be. 🙂

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    1. Haha, I completely agree with that and I catch myself slacking off on giving other people the credit they deserve for their hard work. “Liking back” is terrible, I do it too, too often when I’m not entirely sure what to say, but I know how I feel when my comment only receives a “like,” so I try to avoid doing only that. Unless I absolutely cannot find any words. Some days I get so busy and won’t reply for days and then I might forget to reply at all and I feel so bad when I do that, haha.
      And thank you! Blogging kind of does the same for me.
      I’ll be sure to check out your post! Thanks for responding! 🙂


  3. Organized, gosh not really. I just found that putting the pressure on myself to blog everyday, because “my followers expect me to” took the fun out of it. It shouldn’t feel like work because I’m not making a living at it, nor do I want to. I am trying to grow as a person and am learning about myself and documenting my journey along the way. I am really enjoying the community that blogging is. This has opened up a whole other Internet world to me, and so far all of it has been extremely positive. However, being a parent and having a job, and suffering from chronic illnesses, writing every single day was just so much more than I can do. Thankful Thursdays came about because I saw it on someone else’s blog and realize that I do not take enough time recognizing the positive, no matter how little, there is (especially on the worst days) so that seemed like a great way to change a habit. Locking myself into that day, choosing something, anything (one day I wrote about ice packs! LOL). Next came Sunday Callers because I knew I needed more help and I knew there are things I want to be able to share. So Sundays are held exclusively for other people’s writing. I didn’t want MY BLOG to be a website with many authors, I still wanted to be the author. But there’s nothing wrong with hosting guest writers. In fact, I figured, it would help others decide whether they want to blog, or at least have that experience of “publishing” something on the net and it would give me content that I might not otherwise have, leading new people to discover my blog and therefore, perhaps, my voice in this world. And lastly, if I have my very own platform for communicating and sharing with the world, it seems unwise not to use it. So, Sundays I share articles I find or have posts by guest writers. Another day I don’t have to be totally creative on my own. And then Seeking Love Saturdays is my way of giving back to the world. I work Thurs-Sunday so being able to have those days organized, helps me to be able to move forward and not get discouraged. 🙂 Well, it looks like this comment has turned into a post practically. Sorry about that. I don’t plan what I type, once my fingers get going, they tend to just wizz along… which is why I have so many long posts on my blog! I’m working on trying to shorten things a bit though! LOL. So, on that note, uh, g’bye! LOL

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    1. I set the goals for myself, but I let the pressure of followers push me to make sure I get at least something posted. If I didn’t, I probably would have already given this up, honestly.
      I have a full-time job and school, clinicals, family, and all of that to juggle, so I completely understand someone having a lot on their plate and not having the time or energy to commit to posting every day. I just write things that pop into my mind in between classes or while I’m laying in bed at night. Most of mine are pretty short and I just type them into my app on my phone.
      This site is definitely a whole different side to the internet and I absolutely love it and the community of bloggers it represents. I’m glad that its been a good experience for you as well!
      I love the idea of Thankful Thursdays, I may just borrow that from you for next week! haha. I know that I don’t say what I’m thankful for enough and that is a great way to express it.
      It sounds like you have really great ideas for your blog. It’s inspiring and enlightening!
      And you’re fine! haha, I completely understand long posts. In class when we get an assignment that directs us to “keep it short and to the point,” I begin to sweat and I always say that “I’m not a summarizer, I’m a blabberer.” I can ramble on and on and on about something completely meaningless for pages and pages!


    1. Yeah, I have noticed several bloggers who just seem to completely ignore the people who give their posts recognition. It just kind of bothered me which is why I decided to do this. Even if people don’t respond or participate, I still want my followers and supporters to know that I appreciate them. Thank you for the comment 🙂

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