Beliefs and myths

A very intriguing view on the personal beliefs from my fellow blogger, kyrathea. Check this out and visit her blog for more great posts!


My beliefs are so many that I will have to update this post when I remember something.  :p  I first believe in God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Power and love that she can intercede for mankind. And then I believed in Fairies and Gnomes that lived in our house and gardens and everywhere they might make their home, I believed in witches who can cure and can also curse. I believed in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. I wasn’t sure if there was something in between those called ‘Limbo’. I was afraid to believe in the Greek Gods whose stories (myth) I adored but I really wanted to ,only the fear of burning in hell was stopping me (happens when you are a Roman Catholic).

Now, after I left being a Roman Catholic- I believed in…

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