“Something” – Part 1

Something wasn’t right. I could feel it in the way the wind blew. I could taste it in the air. Sensing something lurking beyond my sight, something dark, something wretched, I began to worry. I felt myself trembling as I walked up the gravel drive to the house. My heart thumping wildly, my eyes frozen on the door. All I could think was, “I have to move. I have to run. Get out of here!” But my body continued its slow pace. Each hesitant step, creakier than the last. I was like an old machine starting up for the first time in years.

As I approached the door, I heard something. Something just… not right. A strange, seeping sound which sunk into the core of me. I felt cold and uneasy yet I still reached for the knob. My hand grasped the cold metal and I shuttered all over. I easily turned the knob and with every faint “click” of the handle, I felt my heart pound in response. As the doorknob reached the end of its revolution, my lungs reached the end of their air. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t blink. I couldn’t stop shaking. But I continued on. I pulled the door and with a loud, piercing squeal, it opened up to something I never imagined.

To Be Continued….


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