What Speaks to You?

I realized that I write a lot of poems on thoughts, confusion, and the mind. I don’t really do this on purpose, it’s just what is on my…. mind. See, I can’t help it even when I’m not trying! Haha.
I want to write on other topics more often, but sometimes can’t think of anything that speaks to me. So, my question for you is, what speaks to you? What types of poems do you all enjoy reading?


14 thoughts on “What Speaks to You?

  1. I agree. Just write what’s on your mind and what truly comes from you. Write down what needs to be released when ot does.. When the words come, they come. So what if it seems confusing to others? Don’t worry about others. The audience will adapt. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’d recommend to revisit some of your older works from time to time. You might be surprised to read what you wrote and see what your perspective was at that time.


        1. I don’t really have many older poems though. I just started writing them about 3 weeks after I started my blog, haha. I mean I have some I wrote for kindergarteners for an assignment in some of my classes, but nothing personal.


          1. I definitely will. I mean when I look back at ones I wrote a week ago, I think to myself, “I couldn’t do that again if I tried.” So I can’t imagine how it’ll feel years or months from now.


          2. You are very talented, especially for someone so new to writing. I’m still amazed you just picked this up.

            Just believe in your own works. It is up to the reader to determine what the meaning is. Remember that your words may strike someone differently because of their experiences. That’s okay. It doesn’t lessen your work.

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          3. Well thank you! I don’t know if I really have any sort of skill or not, but it seems to come really easily for me and I love doing it. So that’s enough to keep me going. Haha, and of course all of the encouraging words I’ve received on here. And yes, I try to keep that in mind. It really is interesting to see how the same words can strike people so differently.


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