What Terrible Things Love Can Do


I saw her and I knew,
right then and there,
That what they say is true,
life isn’t fair.

She once was bright and beautiful
and so full of life.
But she was a fool
and lived to be his wife.

She lost herself
behind the curtain of him
and when he left,
it was like she forgot how to swim.

He threw her off of his ship
and left her stranded in the sea
with only a prayer that the tides don’t rip
and no idea of what her future may be.

Once he was gone,
she was too.
The platform she stood on
had fallen through.

She slowly faded
under the lights of depression.
Now she’s jaded
and holds and unfamiliar expression.

When my eyes fell upon her,
I thought that they were lying
or that my vision was blurred.
But it was clear, she had been dying.

He killed her, he let her drown.
All alone, not knowing where to turn.
The first time I had ever seen her frown
was that day which caused me to learn
what terrible things love can do
when you give your all to someone
who will return nothing to you.

Photo Credit: http://imgarcade.com/1/man-leaving-woman/


11 thoughts on “What Terrible Things Love Can Do

  1. A lot of people have been in bad relationships that have ended like this. We give so much of ourselves that we often lose who we are. Once I came out of my divorce, I forgot who I was. I gave up all my friends and hobbies to try and make my marriage work. I forgot the things I loved to do and the hobbies that filled my time. It was almost like I had to discover and redefine myself all over again.


    1. I believe that it happens to most of us at some point or another. Whether it’s when we’re trying to get that person or keep that person, we end up losing sight of who we are and try to change ourselves to become what we think they might want. Sometimes it can overtake a person’s life and other times it ends before it goes too far. I’ve also caught myself trying to change to be what I thought someone else wanted me to be, to try to “save the relationship” when really I should have been looking out for myself. Because if you lose sight of yourself, there’s nothing left when that person is no longer standing beside you. It’s terrible. I’m sorry that you went through something like that.


      1. I agree with your sentiment. We should never be placed in a position where we are forced to change ourselves for others. We can’t change other people.

        Thanks for the well wishes but though difficult, it was something that I needed to go through to grow. I learned a lot about myself through that experience and it forced me to take steps to improve who I am as a person.

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