We tend to teach tolerance,
And avoid actual acceptance.
We discuss diversity,
Yet accept adversity.

Hypocritical hype
Tempts us to be the type
Of person who will preach
About what is right
And lead a life
So far out of sight
From what we teach.

These thoughts
Were taught
To us since we were born.
Now it’s time for these ideas to be torn.

Throughout life we will hear
“Those who are different you should fear.”

We’ve learned that diversity is bad
And the culture that you had
Should be spread like dough
And cut.
We are put into cookie cutters
And are expected to be like others
Even if we prefer our cookies to have nuts.

People need to know
That in order to grow,
We need to be able to thrive.
But how can we strive
To live a great life
When we’re constantly placed under the knife?

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