The Terribly Wonderful Thing About Poetry

Writing poetry has done a terribly wonderful thing to me. When I listen to a song, I don’t just say, “wow, I like this beat!” and mindlessly listen to it anymore. I catch myself analyzing the lyrics and thinking to myself how impressive the rhymes are, how well they flow, and how creative some of those song writers really are. And even worse, “what does it mean???”
Poetry has pushed me to really listen to language and how people use it. You can learn a lot about a person by paying close attention to their choice of words and phrasings. Because in reality, what are we to one another other than voiced opinions and expressed emotions? Our voices and our expressions are of the most important things in life, without them, what would we be?


8 thoughts on “The Terribly Wonderful Thing About Poetry

      1. This may sound weird, but if you have a place where you can see the stars while you listen, even better. It won’t solve your life problems, but I think it can help you have a deeper understanding of why we have them. Very therapeutic and all that. After that I found it much easier to “keep calm” lol 😉

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