Lasting Love – Interactive Poetry

A few days ago, I decided I would start doing some interactive poetry. I got a surprising number of responses and I’m excited to get started!
The first words I chose to write about were feather, phantom, and lasting. Mostly because they seemed pretty random and I was curious as to how I could get them to work together. They were given to me by Chellzybellzz!

This breeze,
blowing softly through
brushes away
the memory of you.

You’re a feather,
lost in the wind.
Floating through the air,
like it was all just pretend.

Our love was like a phantom
fading into the past.
We both knew it would happen.
We both knew it wouldn’t last.

But now that you’re gone,
my wearied heart can look above.
I can finally trust
that I’ll one day, have a lasting love.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

32 thoughts on “Lasting Love – Interactive Poetry

  1. Beautiful. You’re truly talented. My son’s girlfriend dropped him unexpectedly yesterday after three years and plans of a future and family. First love, lost. It’s hard time in the Memee household. This feels bittersweet… am eager to get the mood to this stage you describe. Thank you for your inspiring words πŸ™‚

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      1. with only two of them rhyming, you’re forced to do some rhyming (which i cannot do for the life of me) and yet you cannot constrict yourself entirely into the format. It’ll be great fun for me to see what you come up with!

        Oh my gosh, that reminds me I am two short stories behind on the Finish It weekly challenge I participate in. I think I’d better get off my butt and go write something before I fall further and further behind! Have a great evening!


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        1. Haha, I’m kind of curious as to whether I can come up with anything, but I’ll try for sure!
          And get to work! Haha!
          I posted in your poetry party, but I did it last minute and didn’t get a chance to post about it. I wrote the poem weeks ago and kept it saved in drafts, then realized the date had snuck up on me. I couldn’t link anything to my posts from my phone and couldn’t get to a computer before the deadline :/


          1. Blair, I see your poem on the link-up. The party ends on the 24th (Tuesday) so you still have a day and a half to try and drive people there for voting purposes. Or just inviting them to join us next month. And be sure and tell them to read the rules so they can qualify for a door prize!

            Don’t you forget to vote either!

            BTW, last month were you able to link from your phone or did you do it from another piece of equipment? Thanks!


          2. I did it from my home computer last month. I just couldn’t get the links to work through the app to get to the link-up, and I had to go through my Internet on my phone, which doesn’t really like WordPress lol. It was a struggle just getting my link on there. It would have really been a struggle to post and link to the link-up. I’m not sure if any of that made sense haha. I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it, I just haven’t figured it out yet.


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