Words Turn to Weapons – Interactive Poetry

This is my take on the words worthless, tears, and silver, given to me by Arisa for my interactive poetry!

They say,
“She’s nothing.
She’ll never amount to much.
She’s useless,
A waste of a life.”

But she’s lived through her years
choking on her tears.
Struggling to find
a peace of mind.

A way to esape
this forced fate
shoveled on to her
by the hands of others.

Hearing these voices
whispering all around her,
she begins to question their truth.

“Maybe they all see
something inside of me
that I’ve been blind to believe.”

So with that thought,
she decided it was over.
That her life
had been spent.

So she stared down the mouth
and urged herself to do it.
To finally end it.
There was no more she could bear.

It spit out the bullet
and hit its target.
Then left her lying there.

Now they say,
“It’s such a shame…
She could have done better.
That waste of a life
wasted good silver.”
And none of them felt the blame.

They considered their hands
clean and stain free
of the blood she spilled that day.
But their words turned to weapons
and shot through her mind.

Be careful with what you say.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

Photo Credit: http://paradigm-shift-21st-century.nl/wittgenstein-about-language.html


12 thoughts on “Words Turn to Weapons – Interactive Poetry

  1. Hey! Amazing piece of poetry here. What about the words..obliviance, alive, sin and seldom? I hope u’ll stand up to this challenge too. And, I myself wud like to hav some word treat to trouble my mind into something creative..:)


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