“TRUST” – Acrostic Poem

Trained to test those around me.
Repeatedly, they let me down.
United together, until they fail-
Signaling my urge to run.
Trust then is lost and our connection is gone.


7 thoughts on ““TRUST” – Acrostic Poem

        1. Yeah, and I think trust/honesty is one of the most important things in life. It’s happened way too many times to me. I use to let my guard down easily and trust others pretty openly, now you have to earn it. And if you break it, there’s a slim chance of gaining it back. :/

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          1. Likewise! I swear! I used to trust people blindly but after being stabbed in the back many times, I don’t trust people so easily anymore. They have to earn it and once broken, will not remain the same. 😦


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