Opportunity vs. Ability

In life, the privileged and the prosperous advance much quicker than the ordinary person. Whether they’re blessed with good looks and cunning charm, with riches and familial connections, or with sheer luck, they will always hold the upper hand to the seemingly average. However, among the community of the common, there are the select few who harbor something more precious than money and more rare than true beauty -ability, aptitude. Though, their talents often go unrecognized because it’s power is muffled by the pillow of the entitled.
It’s always been a curious case to see those who are able to excel, herded to the back, forced to remain unknown, so those with the advantage of prosperity can stand center stage.
If the world would take it’s blinders off and stray their eyes from the track they’ve been trampling, maybe someone would realize the potential of those who have long been ignored.


3 thoughts on “Opportunity vs. Ability

  1. I will agree to disagree, it is my belief that opportunity falls for everyone and it is just our fault that we ignore it. Of course, the rich get more exposure but you must know that a rich man was once poor and he also faced all those same problems that a poor person faces. It cannot be prevented, if every person rises up unchallenged, this world would be a place of few special things.

    A writer’s first mistake is to write for money or popularity. Making a living out of writing is not wrong but your writing must not depend on it. If a writer wants nothing out of this world, he will excel and automatically get the opportunity to publish his work. But of course, these are just my thoughts 🙂

    A wonderful write using few words, precise and extremely exquisite 🙂 Well Done! 🙂


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