If only there were a day
That I could be the person
I truly want to be…
I would do all the right things,
I would speak up when words are needed
and I would remain silent when they are not.
I would smile at every passing stranger
And greet all who cross my path.
I would be more friendly,
be more outgoing
be more kind.
I would laugh at everyone’s jokes
And I would ignore everyone’s flaws.
I would be organized.
And in control of my life.
I would pay attention to those around me
And actually listen to what they have to say.
I would take less time thinking about myself
and more time thinking about others.
I would read more.
I would learn more.
I would know more.
But even if I were the person
I thought I wanted to be,
even for a day
I would miss out on all of the things
that were brought to me
by my mistakes.


6 thoughts on “Mistakes

          1. Sometimes it’s even harder accepting that one even made a mistake, denying their actions existence as they bear the consequences, neither learning from the wrong, nor mentally vaccinating themselves from further encounters with the issue…doomed to walk blind through a painful forest of their own creation, hitting tree after tree. Eventually the concussions become unbearable and the ignorance kills its host.
            When all he/her had to do was accept the truth of the past wrong, and learn from it.
            When all they had to do was open their eyes.


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