The Forest of Fear – Interactive Poetry

Devika gave me the words forest, colors, and suspense for my interactive poetry. Here’s what I came up with!

I don’t know how I got here
or how I will get out.
I’m lost in this forest of fear,
wooded with insecurity and doubt.

As far as my eyes can see,
there is nothing but brown and green,
the colors of these tall trees
creating this camouflaged scene.

My mind can’t stop racing
and my heart won’t stop its thumping.
My feet keep pacing,
and my throat feels like it’s clumping.

I am locked deep inside
This natural prison.
With nothing for a guide
until the sun has risen.

When the darkness falls,
I am left in constant suspense.
Trapped inside of these walls
With no defense.

An escape I may never find.
I could be locked in here forever.
Both lost and confined
in this constant endeavor.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

14 thoughts on “The Forest of Fear – Interactive Poetry

    1. No problem! I hope you liked it, and I’m sorry it took so long! I’ve been pressed for time and haven’t had many opportunities to sit down and really focus on writing. I had about 10 minutes between classes to write and post this.

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      1. It is no problem, really! I understand. Right now, i have a month long holiday. That does not apply to every student. And i loved what you’ve written. A similar image had formed in my mind when I had given you the words. 🙂

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