The Masked Thief

My newest poem for my other blog, The Broken Compasses. Our theme was to write in the eyes of an animal native to our country. I chose the raccoon, you’ll see why if you read on. Hope you enjoy!

The Broken Compasses

I wear a mask over my eyes
to help me see in the dark of night.
Through cities and towns, I scavenge and sneak
and in your garbage, I surely will peek.

I’m a thief, who will rob you blind
of any food you leave outside.
I’m marked with rings around my tail
and have strong little hands, that may look quite frail.

I have sharp claws and teeth,
They’re the only defenses I keep.
I love to climb and play
and sleep all throughout the day.

I am very protective of myself
and I watch out for everyone else.
Some people may keep me as a pet,
so don’t be too surprised if you see me at the vet.

Raccoons are native to North America and can be found all over the country, except for in some southwestern states.

They have always been one of my favorite animals. I’ve had 2…

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