Bedtime with the Cat


I lie in bed
After a long day of work
Trying to finally find rest.
I left a crack in my door
To bring in a little light
To try and help calm my nerves.

I start to drift,
My mind slipping away.

Then suddenly
I hear a slow “creeeaaaaakkk”

What could it be?

I open my eyes
To see the light has grown.
So I sit up to look around.
When she jumps up beside me,
Stretches and yawns
Then curls up and lies her head by mine.
Falling fast asleep.

The peace she brings
With her calm breathing and light purr
Help me doze off as well.

Until I awake 3 hours later
To her licking my head.

7 thoughts on “Bedtime with the Cat

  1. This piece made me remember my most favorite cat — Kia! Her colors were the same as those of in the picture. When she was young I used to cut her nails while she was sleeping, very careful not to wake her up haha. God I miss her so much

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      1. So am I. Losing them is like losing an important piece of our self that we can never get back. I remember those times when they bothered me, thinking how annoying they could be, but it was just their own way of telling us that we are important to them. cause they could be just a part of our life but for them we are their whole life. and now I regret those moments when I kick them out of my way.

        I’m getting pretty emotional here now haha


        1. I feel the same way. I always fought with my cat, Nigel, and would yell at him and get so mad over him being so stubborn and now, looking back, I wish I could take it all back.
          He was a huge part of my life, but I would still ignore him and push him away. I try to remember not to do it to my cats now and to really cherish the time I have with them.
          And you’re right. All their little annoyances are just how they tell you they love you.
          I just might cry if I think about this much longer.. Stop making me so sad!! haha

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          1. Haha you started it with your poem!! but on the brighter note, we can always right our wrong from the past and love another pets looking for someone to take care of them 🙂


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