Celebrate yourself. Whether you’re black, white, or purple- it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful, regardless of how others look. No one’s beauty will compromise your own.


by Abrar El-Hassan

Please admire that kinky hair of yours.
There will be days where you’ll terribly want it
as straight as the arrow that could pierce through
Every stereotype ever spoken about our dark-skin.
You’ll come across people who will portray shock, or immature disgust
When you educate them
on your intricate hair-care,
Don’t you dare be discouraged.
I beg of you
To not think that anyone with a shade lighter than yours
Is a competition.
Do not beat yourselves
In the willingness of a lighter body,
A brighter body.
Do not force a sunrise out of it that would not emerge.
No, her blond hair is not a menace to your confidence,
No, her blue eyes are not a threat to your beauty.
Love those dark, mystical eyes of yours.
Adore your full, hefty lips,
Those will carry the weights of the bitter words you’ll dare to…

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