Dame of Destruction

My newest post on The Broken Compasses. This week’s theme was to write something to show our support for those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal and North India.

The Broken Compasses


Unwelcome, she visits anyway.
Through her eruptions of fury.
Her power is relentless.
Her anger is unparalleled.

She takes hold
of our cities,
our homes,
our lives.

Her grip grows
tighter and tighter-
until we can no longer breathe.

Rattling us-
until our souls are bruised,
our bones are cracked,
our hearts are broken.

We’re covered in contusions.
And cluttered by concussions.

She shakes us-
Until she finds something else
to bide her time.

Destruction’s attention
isn’t kept for long.

We never know
when she’s coming for a visit,
or when she’ll decide to leave.

But we can
and we will
overcome her strength.

For our forces are greater
than any force she can impose.

We pray.
We hope.
We fight.

She can destroy our homes.
But she can never tear down our faith.

After the ground stops shaking,
after the tremors cease,
The dust and debris will subside-

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