My First Chapbook

Well, this is daunting.
I have decided I want to publish a chapbook. I’m just trying to get started, so I’m considering creating a pdf and selling it on here. Then move into bigger markets if possible.
I don’t know what I’m doing, and each time I search the internet for advice, I see hundreds upon hundreds of people striving for the same thing I am.
What makes me any different from all of them?
Why do I think I have a chance at succeeding?
How do I know if my poetry is even worth paying a cent for?
Who would read it… nonetheless, who would buy it?
Where do I sell and promote it?
All of these questions and worries keep ringing in my mind. But I’m determined to do this. Even if it doesn’t sell at all, I can say I finished a book. And that’s an achievement in itself.
So, I have my theme, I have a few poems, and I have the drive and desire. Now, I just need the confidence to actually do this.


11 thoughts on “My First Chapbook

  1. All the best, I know what you are feeling because I am on the verge of finishing a novel myself. Glad to know you are ready to ride the rough waves even if there is a chance that you might be stranded on a no-man land.:-)

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