Stop the 2015 Yulin Festival

Animals are more compassionate than most humans. How anyone could do this to these poor creatures, I will never understand. The animals in meat processing plants were born and bred specifically for that purpose, and they are treated much more humanely than these dogs are. No living creature should be tortured and forced to suffer just for any “festival.” Their lives are much more precious than the meat off their bones.

Please, please, please take a few moments and sign the petition to help save these animals:


32 thoughts on “Stop the 2015 Yulin Festival

  1. Animals in agriculture are ALL exploited. Animals bred for meat want to live just as much as any other animal out there. Humans can eat plant-based diets any be incredibly healthy. If you care about these dogs, consider all animals who are murdered for human tastebuds, and switch to a plant-based diet. All animals matter!

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    1. Some companies do, some don’t. It all depends on how the plant does their business. But most don’t torture the animals like these dogs are (burned/skinned alive, etc). And I can’t eat a plant-based diet for health reasons or else I probably would.


        1. I don’t buy things from companies that I know do those kinds of things. All I meant by what I said in my post was that even the animals that bred for food are treated better than the dogs who weren’t. I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying.


    2. I don’t agree with your opinion that we should abandon animal meats in our diet. There are critical proteins found in the meat that we need to be healthy and for a balanced diet. Are people vegetarians? Yes but I don’t believe their diets are balanced.

      That being said, I do agree that there is no reason these animals should be tortured. These animals deserve respect and should not be killed in a manner that portrays them as a means to bring people sick pleasure.

      I don’t necessarily have a problem with the Chinese eating dogs. In America we view them as house pets but perhaps that, obviously, is not viewed as such in other parts of the world. But if the other part of the post is entirely accurate that is entirely uncalled for. Being that the Chinese historically have had little value in regard to the lives of their own people, I’m not surprised to see this thought process extended.

      Nice post Blair. This isn’t something I was aware of and would be I interested in researching.


      1. I honestly wish I could be a vegetarian, because I really do love animals and care for them very much, but that would be a very unhealthy choice for me. I won’t eat food from places I know that do treat them poorly and I won’t eat things like lamb, veal, etc. I mostly eat chicken ans turkey and on a rare occasion, I’ll have a hamburger or steak.
        I’m also not judging the Chinese for eating the dogs. To them, they are just meat, not pets. Just as we eat cow meat, but other cultures belive cows are sacred. It’s a completely different culture, so we don’t have the room to judge what they deem as acceptable. What I think is awful is the unnecessary torturing of them and that shouldn’t happen, no matter how little of a regard they hold for them.


        1. I didn’t feel you were judging the Chinese. I just made that point cause I know in America they are not viewed as source of food.

          Your point on the cows was well taken. And I agree, as I stated earlier, whether an animal is a food source or not, cruelty is not called for, warranted and is inexcusable. There is never a reason it should occur.

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          1. I know, I was just agreeing and saying my thoughts on it to clarify. And right, there’s no reason to torture animals and make them suffer, whether it’s for sport or for food.


          2. My initial comment was actually meant to reply to Ashley. Perhaps either I placed it in the wrong space or something happened, but either way I was glad to post.


          3. Okay. Odd. It didn’t post it in the place I would have expected. It appeared to go to the bottom of the page.

            I appreciate you clarifying your thoughts to me but they were clear to me to begin with. I just disagreed with her opinion but she is certainly entitled to it.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Dirty Diaries and commented:
    This is something I was not completely aware of, I haven’t been really watching news and I’m glad Blair posted this, so after a few clicks on Google search I was left horrified, and the first thing that came into my mind is that why would anyone in his sanity do such terrifying things and call it a festival, as if massive killings and tortures of animals are to be celebrated? In this modern time where I thought we are now educated to be more humane, nauseous behaviors like this are still put into practice; I thought we are far better than this.

    Please let us all spare a moment to sign the petition (link given on Blair’s post) and hope to stop this horrible act sooner than it should be.


    1. It is not true that we are better now than we are in years past. It is merely a thought.

      People do horrible things to one another and we are slowly destroying our world. We are the only species that kills each other for sport yet people assume we are above other animals on the hierarchy? I beg to differ.


      1. I agree. I think we should be better because of how much things have evolved, but we aren’t.
        Just this morning on the radio I heard of 3 different shootings killing about 17 people. One of them was a man who just walked into a bible study and started shooting. Advancement in technology hasn’t made anything better, it’s just created new ways for people to hurt others and has provided everyone with more information about the terrible things that happen.
        Humans are the most animalistic species. As you said, we’re the only ones who kill for sport.


      2. Humans are the smartest among all creatures, I believe that. We were given the brains and above all things the free will and I think that’s where people start to a crew up: taking advantage of the reasons why we are at the peak of hierarchy.


          1. I would be lying if I deny the horrible things people do nowadays, it’s a fact knocking on my doorstep that can’t be ignored. Like you said, we’ve evolved. But have our race come from million years of civilization just for to get here — where barbarous acts are still put into practice and accepted as a norm? I don’t think it has to be that way. Hence my belief in our race as the smartest and most intelligent. As having been said that, we have the greatest minds to put a stop to anything we want, the moment we want to.

            Anyway, thank you, Jarrod, for sharing your thoughts. It’s always good to hear from other perspective.


          2. We are unfortunately prisoners to the human condition. Those that are truly great in the world stand up against it.

            The pleasure is always mine Danica. I hope you are well.


    2. I only knew about it because I just happened to see a picture of a tortured dog on instagram, clicked on it to see why anyone would post something like that. I literally sat at my computer and cried when I saw imaged of dogs being burned alive. And I thought the exact same thing: how can they do this and ever call it a festival?
      This is a horrendous event that needed to be stopped before it ever began.


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