Who We Love To Hate – Interactive Poetry

Viera Reign (https://thoughtsofagirlnamedvierareign.wordpress.com/) gave me the words fear, love, like, and irony for my interactive poetry.

A lot of people claim to hate a person or group because of something they are or believe in, but what does that hatred stem from? Many times, it’s not the hatred of the person, but of their bravery for standing up for something that the other person is too afraid to accept about themselves.

Sometimes the iron
in the irony hits hard.
It’s no longer funny-
you’ve gone too far.

You take someone
you have never met
and laugh them away
like they don’t matter a bit.

You say that they’re weird,
stupid, and dumb
but you don’t know
where they’re coming from.

This indifference felt
by the people who judge
aren’t really that much different
there’s a reason for that grudge.

Sometimes the people
we love to hate
mirror our fears
of our own fate.

9 thoughts on “Who We Love To Hate – Interactive Poetry

    1. Haha, sorry it took so long though! I’ve been overwhelmed with assignments from my summer classes that I haven’t been able to even think about my blog much until the past few days. Hope you like it, and thanks for providing the words! 🙂

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