Bear in the Big City


Strayed away
from his usual scene,
he stumbled across
something he had never seen.

The most curious thing,
He thought, “what could it be?”
So he stepped inside,
to finally see.

“This world-
so different than where I’m from.
So strange, no animals in sight.
Maybe I shouldn’t have come…”

He wandered around
in sheer fascination
wondering if this was only
his imagination.

“Unusual creatures
keep coming to see me,
but I’m just lost
in what I think they call… a city?”

“It’s so unnatural.
There’s nothing but this hard ground.
No trees anywhere.
Just these tall things all around”

People were coming
to see what he wanted.
They laughed, pointed,
snapped pictures and taunted.

He was scared.
Alone in an unfamiliar place.
Surrounded by staring faces.

“I just want to go home.
I need out of here.”
His confusion
quickly turned into fear.

So he kept walking,
searching for a way out
when he heard a man
begin to shout.

Before he could turn
to see what was going on,
He felt a deep pain.
“Something is wrong”

He fell to the ground
his heart beat slowing
as the people around him
kept growing and growing.

His eyes slowly closed,
and the crowd disappeared.
He’d never see his home again.
He had faced his worst fear.


A few days ago, a bear wandered into the city I live near. He was just roaming the streets- he hadn’t gotten near anyone, hadn’t done anything threatening. Animal control was on their way (30 minutes away) with tranquilizers so they could put him back in his natural habitat. But city police decided it would be better if they shot and killed the animal. I’m outraged.
Humans kill, for the sake of killing. It’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. They murdered an innocent animal to “save the city.” But the bear wasn’t doing a thing to harm the safety of the people. They could have barricaded the area he was in, and blocked people off for another half an hour. His life shouldn’t have been taken.

13 thoughts on “Bear in the Big City

  1. Oh my God! Poor animal!

    Something worse happened in my state. A leopard was lynched and killed among other gory and outrageous stuff by villagers before the enforcement could arrive 😐


    1. Oh gosh… leopards are my absolute favorite animal. How anyone could kill an innocent animal like that is beyond me. The only way I would understand is if the animal was about to attack or kill a person, but that is the ONLY exception.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Then I don’t think there is any excuse for harming the animal. Fear does spread and people don’t know how to handle it. They push it away instead of learn more about it.


    1. We don’t have bears very close near either, which is why it was so strange. It wandered into the city near where I live, and it makes no sense as to why it was there. But people didn’t know how to handle something unfamiliar and they had to get rid of it before they could learn about it.


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