The Waves – Interactive Poetry

The Warrior from really gave me a run for my money and gave me the words struggle, dreams, destiny, waves, vulnerable, and silence for my interactive poetry. It’s more words than I’ve ever been challenged to work in before, so here’s what I came up with!


We walk alone-
Each, on our own.
Surrounded by the sounds
heard each day
-We yearn for silence.
For peace, for quiet.

We glide by
along with the breeze,
headed wherever
our destiny may lead.

We find ourselves by the ocean
-No one in sight.
and as the darkness fills
the air of the night,
the moon draws
the waves to life.

There we stand-
Right on the edge
where the sand meets the sea.
Searching for something
we can no longer see.

We step into the water
to get a closer look
and continue to search
until we are undertook.

Pulled into the ocean,
we struggle to escape.
Questioning our actions-
“Was this my idea or fate’s?”

Our lungs are begging for air
while our thoughts are begging for notice.
Our bodies battle our minds
and we try to stay focused.

Vulnerable to the darkness
that lies beneath our feet.
No longer are we standing strong-
Is it time to admit defeat?

Our dreams are vanishing
and our plans are beginning to shatter.
Our lives are falling apart
and all we’re getting is battered-
And bruised by the water
that once held the solace
we so long sought after.

28 thoughts on “The Waves – Interactive Poetry

        1. I’m changing how I’m doing it this time. The first time I did it, I asked for new words on each poem I posted, but it got confusing and I kept forgetting people’s requests. So this time, once I finish the people who have already commented, I will repost the interactive poetry post and you’re welcome to comment again šŸ™‚

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      1. For the past 7 days I had picked 7 poets & published their poems on … It was completed last night with the poem Toleration by Unbolt’s Tati Aleksina. I will be doing another series sometime next month or early September. I’ll let u know when I do it. But check out the last seven posts on cocktailmolly & you will get the idea. šŸ™‚

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