The Truth – A Haiku Poem

So many people
are just searching for the truth-
For all the answers.

But what if honesty
isn’t what they need to hear?
The truth- It can tear.

Tear both of your lungs.
And you can no longer breathe-
You’re gasping for air.

Tear out your soul’s core.
So you’re left empty, alone-
With nothing inside.

Tear your beating heart.
Until fragmented pieces
all scatter the floor.

And sometimes the truth
is all we need to survive.
Sometimes, it can heal.

10 thoughts on “The Truth – A Haiku Poem

  1. Unfortunately we’ll never be able to know if the truth will hurt us or if it will heal us… sigh.
    Excellent poetry Blair!! It feels like I haven’t seen you around much in my reader, however a week ago or so you suddenly reappeared. Yaay!! Ohh I want to engage in your intera interactive poetry again soon! 🙂

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    1. I know :/ it can do both, you just don’t know until it’s too late.
      I had a ridiculous schedule with school, 3 jobs, and a lot of personal stuff going on. Just didn’t have time to post. But I have a bit more free time now, and when I don’t, I make time haha. I realized how important writing is to me, so I’m trying my best not to neglect it.
      Really makes me happy that you noticed that I was gone though!
      And I will be reposting my interactive poetry as soon as I finish up this round 🙂 so just watch for it or check back in a few days – a week.

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      1. I hear you.. I try to find time to write each day, however that doesn’t always work out. 😀
        Yes of course I noticed, you’re one of the many blogger that have found their way into my memory, because of their uniqueness. There just are blogs that immediately stick with you and randomly pop up in your head while you’re looking through your reader.
        Will do. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, it’s really hard to do with a full-time job. I’ll stay up til 2 am writing and replying to comments and things because it’s the only chance I’ve got sometimes.
          And that really means a lot, I’m glad that I’m memorable 🙂

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