The Flood- A Flash Fiction Narrative


Some days, you just feel it. You feel your whole life slipping away. It doesn’t flash by, it doesn’t instantaneously vanish. It slowly dissolves like paper in water. Your entire story is written on that piece of paper, yet a strong downpour is beginning.

That day was today. I felt the flood deepening. I felt the threat of the end. But what can I do? Wait it out? No. Fight through it? I have no choice.

It was coming. I don’t know who -or what- it was. But it was coming. I braced and I contested. But finally, I drowned.


16 thoughts on “The Flood- A Flash Fiction Narrative

  1. You need to rise again and keep moving forward even if against the current. The flood can’t defeat you , it just SCARES you. Defeat is not when you fall down , it is when you refuse to rise. Once again great work !

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