Giveaway Contest!

To some, this may not be a huge deal, but to me- it’s massive.

I have reached over 1,000 email followers on WordPress and am nearing 1,000 WordPress account followers. I never expected 1 person to read my work, nonetheless, this many. I really appreciate everyone who reads/follows/comments on my posts, it really does mean the world to me.

With that said, I have decided to hold my first contest and giveaway!

The only guideline for the contest is to write a poem about my favorite poetic subject- society or humanity. It doesn’t matter what you have to say about them, just as long as it’s something.

I am planning on choosing 3 winners, maybe more, maybe less depending on how much I like the submissions and how many people participate.

The winner will receive:

-A post on my blog dedicated to their submission poem.

-A signed copy of his/her favorite poem of mine.

-A signed copy of my favorite poem of mine.

-A collection of new poems that haven’t been published.

-A sneak peek at my first chapbook.

I have only one rule: 

No profanity.

To submit an entry, you can post it onto your blog and comment a link below, or contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 





Hope you participate and enjoy! 🙂


63 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest!

        1. Thank you! And I really don’t know the first thing- I just guess at it all and Google a lot about how to work this site. It’s pretty bad, really. Maybe another 6-7 months and I’ll have a pretty good handle on things, haha

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    1. I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking around the middle of August sometime. Maybe the 15th, which is my birthday. I’m going to give it plenty of time for people to hear about it and myself time to prepare the prizes haha.
      And thank you!!


    1. Just anything to do with it. Your views on it, observations, how you think the world is, how people act, etc. Basically anything relating to people and/or societal issues.


  1. Congratulations. I had trouble with my first blog site and had to start from scratch yesterday (I’m not happy!). However, it’s a chance to make new friends and Followers. Congrats on the success with your Followers! That’s an awesome achievement. C.

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      1. I was on a self-hosted site with no Reblog option. People wanted to Reblog some of my posts but couldn’t; I had to do my own site backups which caused issues; I had to pay to get statistics; the scheduler never worked; some plugins caused issues; the list goes on. You need to be an IT expert! At it’s all done for you. Meaning you have time to write! Thanks for asking. C.


  2. Good work always pays off, congrats Blair! 🙂

    I think the idea of a contest is absolutely great. I’ve never participated in a contest with any of my writings or read them somewhere, so I’ve decided to go for it and enter my first contest. How exciting!! 😀

    The piece I’m submitting is called “The young.” – It pretty much sums the human experience of many young people growing up in this day and age.


    Be well Blair! 😉

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