Powerful Words – Interactive Poetry

Words.Become.Legacies gave me NINE words for my interactive poetry! They were tide, hide, hills, mountains, shatter, mend, defend, believe, and everlasting. . Here’s what came to mind!


She was taught to hide herself
away from the world
so no one would learn
of the secrets she may hold.

One mistep-one mistake
and it would all unravel
all that’s been built
could suddenly shatter.

But she refused to accept
that she had this power within,
and believed that no matter what might break,
she would be able to mend-
Mend the mistakes of those before
and defend her stance on the troubles of the world.

She had to search for her breath
as the tide inside of her rose
but she gasped for air
as she began to write her prose.

She sewed the thoughts together
as knew what needed to be said,
even if one wrong word
could tear the threads.

She would have to fight back
and climb the hills- the mountains-
that stood in her way.
And battle the arguments
that she was sure to face.

But as soon as the words turned to ink,
she stood unsteadily on the brink-
On the brink of change,
of something finally being done-
to fix the world and all that was wrong.

This ink may stain
the view of many-
But her everlasting thoughts
would transform the lives of plenty.

18 thoughts on “Powerful Words – Interactive Poetry

  1. Class wordidge, a sublime piece and masterful use of those words, nine this time!

    I walk where gods are buried and angels few
    Mountains everlasting are ranged across the miles
    As my unholy anger carries like a tide
    And shatters all that comes across my view
    The better hide is angles as the broken stand immune
    Only the fractured natures can defend against me
    The damned hold the depressive edge to mend
    And all else that lies between us…
    In that the foolish believe

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