Nature of Rest – Interactive Poetry

Alisha gave me the words red, I, laugh, and tree for my interactive poetry. This isn’t at all what I started with or where I planned to take it, but- it happens, right? Anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂


I can’t sleep.

My days breeze by
along with the wind.
They don’t even start
before they end.

I’m caught in a daze
and suspended in this haze
of foggy thoughts
and clouded views.

But when I close my eyes
and try to rest
I’m surrounded by these hues.
These hues- of orange, red, and yellow
are the sunrise of my mind,
telling me it’s time to be awake
throughout the darkness of the night.

It holds me back from falling asleep.
I try to fight it,
but I’m nothing but a leaf of a tree.
A leaf blowing here and there-
Floating through each day’s air.
No regard for where I’m headed,
just going wherever I may be lead.

The trees all laugh
as they are sure where they stand,
but still, we are all the same-
victims of the land.

5 thoughts on “Nature of Rest – Interactive Poetry

  1. I could never think of such a concept with these words. The poem that I wrote is,
    It was dark,
    I was out on my own,
    Nobody with me, all alone.

    I stumbled over a rock and fell,
    I had hurt myself,cheeks turned red.
    I looked around to see if someone saw me falling,
    Nobody,the birds far away, calling.

    I walked away smiling,
    Winds blew unusually
    Trees danced along,
    They had seen me fall
    They laughed at me, and my foolhardiness.

    Not so interesting. This was my first attempt at poetry. I appreciate your write up.

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