Road Blocks – No E Story

Kasim nominated me to do the no ‘e’ challenge, but turn it into a story.
This isn’t really a complete story, but it’s something haha.


Ink has a way of spilling into your blood and vanquishing your familiar body. Taking what you know and transforming it into an unfamiliar ghost of what was. That’s why I am what I am.
My lungs gasp for words as my mind thirsts for a story. As I’m imagining what could occur, I am portraying my world as I know it- not as it truly is.
So many things block my path- and I can’t find ways to pass by. But my own thought is usually my road block. This block that’s contaminating my mind and soul. I lay down rocks in front of my path that I cannot climb, and as soon as I try, I fall. I fall into oblivion without anything to land on. My surroundings diminish as my mind dissipates into nothing.

9 thoughts on “Road Blocks – No E Story

  1. Nice!

    I wanted to write, in acidic tone put feelings in black ink, a reflection of my darkened mood
    But the razor did its job, tendons weak and grip as lost of the blood that fills the ink pot will rhythmic drip, the count down to moment I never wished
    So the page lays out blank… Just the snaking lines of red that tell more of my fading death than the damning nothing I was in life
    I should have thought to put the words to paper, before the selfish instinct took form in bloody act
    I never got to say it, how much I will miss you my love

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