Giveaway Contest DEADLINE!


I have decided the deadline for my giveaway will be AUGUST 15, 2015. I realize some of us are in differing time zones, so I will be lenient with this date.

Remember,  the topic of your submission is to be about society or humanity.
This can include:
-your views of society as a whole
-anything about humanity that you like/dislike
-the inner-workings of people
-how the world is, or how you think it is.
-what you think is becoming of society
-anything else you can think of.
There isn’t much constraint on the subject matter.

To submit an entry, you can post it onto your blog and comment a link below, or contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 





Hope you participate and enjoy! 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!


23 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest DEADLINE!

  1. Hmm, seems like I’ve done something like this before. Seriously considering giving up on it though. No one seems interested and it is so fricken time consuming! Good luck and have fun! 🙂


    1. I’m not doing the whole voting/inlinks thing. For one, I have no idea how. Lol and I just don’t want to mess with it. Too much trouble.
      I’ve never done a giveaway or even printed my poems out before, so I thought it’d be kinda neat to have some sort of prize and just see how it goes. Thank you 🙂


      1. Oh, no, I am totally encouraging you to do it. I think it is a hole that needs to exist. I am just not finding the right people yet. I have it listed in the WordPress Events listings, invite people personally, but nada. Maybe I simply just don’t have enough patience to keep trying. Or maybe I’m just at a low point in my self-esteem for the week.


        1. What’s the WordPress Events listings?
          I’ve gotten 5 or 6 entries so far and several telling me that they will submit. I’m not sure how to spread the word other than by posting about it. And I don’t want to personally invite anyone because I will be choosing the winner, I can’t be biased haha.
          I’ve never done any sort of contest before so idk what in the world I’m doing.


          1. Great question and I am not sure how to direct you there. Um, sometimes I can find my way to the Blogging U. pages and other times I have no idea… I really struggle with WP when I am off of my own design pages. Basically, they have a section where bloggers can post events and you put them in their proper categories with all the description and a link, etc., indicating if it is a one time, weekly or monthly event.

            I don’t choose the winners on my Poetry Challenges so I figure I can invite. I think part of the problem is, because I feel like I am advertising it ad nauseum, that when people go to link up their poem and see only my poem, they wait to see if others will arrive. And when the majority of people are doing that, nothing gets uploaded. I had quite a few people tell me they wanted to participate last time, but then did not. So, I don’t know. Next month, we’ll see how I feel 🙂 ha ha!

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          2. Oh, I’ll need to look into that! I don’t know much about WordPress really. I just do the basics haha.
            Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with personal invites when you’re not the one choosing the winners. And that’s a good possibility. Some people just don’t want to be the first one to participate.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. I created a badge for participants. I am hoping that will help. Maybe place it on your award page or put it in your next piece, resize it to fit in the sidebar or footer, etc. I am going to send it to you on your about page. Look for it, please.

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          4. I am hoping it will help spread the room around and thought it could even be used as the hey go play at Memee’s Musings with me encouragement statements. However you want to use it… anything can help I’m sure. Can you also put it on Broken Compasses? I will send Malvika hers via her about page as well. 🙂

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          5. I’m going to rearrange my site a bit as soon as I get the time and I’ll try to figure out a good place for it. I’ll do the same on the Broken Compasses unless Malvika doesn’t get to it first 🙂

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          6. We haven’t posted on there in a long time, we were talking about getting it started back up. I’m not sure when that’ll happen. We need to think of something and get back to posting on there.


          7. Haha I didn’t know anyone who blogged when I started this, so I dove in with no idea. But I also never thought anyone would pay a bit of attention to what I put on here.


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