Collapsing Faith


If only the world wouldn’t wait
to finally face its formidable fate.
As people begin to worship the sin,
we will end before our time.
As everyone is at a loss for their sane state of mind.

The collapsing faith
and the public’s malicious face
are corrupting the land-
as the waters are dissipating
and the ground is disintegrating,
people are growing out of hand.

Communication has ceased,
thoughts have vanished.
All that’s left are the hearts that have been tarnished.
Tarnished by the stain of negligent acts.
and covered in cracks
created by our twisted tactics.

We no longer breathe as we once did.
Air cannot fill these lungs.
We gasp for breath
and plead for blood to again course through our veins.
Though all we are
are our remains-
as our souls were trapped by death.

We can’t believe in the light-
As we’re buried in the darkness,
broken down by the weight of the earth
and sealed away from the rest of the world.

I usually don’t post very controversial stuff, but this is what I think: If this offends you, then maybe you should read it again.

11 thoughts on “Collapsing Faith

  1. I think this Is not offending at all. If it is then maybe a reader only reads what on the surface and refuse to feel the soul. What you wrote is what happens every waking day. It just takes keen senses to feel it and a fearless voice to say it.

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  2. That’s not controversial. πŸ™‚ THIS is controversial. A response I wrote, just now, for you:

    I watched the last sparrow fall
    in a land where love had long ago rotted to dust.
    Broken sparks fell from corrupting fires,
    too choked in shadows and smoke
    to give light to the eyes of the dying dead,
    and a purple light danced in the skies,
    like a knell of doom that no one willed to read.

    The enemy is near,
    and no one knows his name for what it is.
    What once was,
    soon will be no more,
    and the dance of the long deception,
    will end in an endless fire.

    I heard this once,
    and knew that the world was ending,
    and saw the streams of the broken hearted
    marching along a crystal flow.
    To where did they go?
    To a home I had known,
    knit from humbled pines and nestled
    in the cloven stone,
    from whence the crystal river came.

    I drank deep,
    and gazed long,
    and knew that in that once forgotten home
    all that I had wanted, I would find.

    Yet still,
    I tarried in the growing shade,
    held by the bind of prideful ways,
    afraid of the threat of a broken blade,
    lured by the promise of some nearer glade,
    until the rot reached deeper than my bones,
    and the place where the hooks had held my heart of stone
    revealing and releasing within what had already been remade.

    What does it mean to run a road with stumbling steps,
    to breathe and bear the beat of burning blood,
    to hear the song of the dawn,
    and learn of life and of love?

    My legs had not known how tired they could be,
    my lungs had not known the burn of the wind,
    and had anyone told me how much harder it is to bear a heart that can hurt,
    I might have continued to lie in my grave all alone.

    Yet all of it,
    tells me love is worth going on,
    and that faith grows with following,
    and that hope brings us home.

    Come then,
    whispering want,
    the wind is still calling,
    as the world wonders not,
    and the bound and the broken,
    and the beaten, the blue,
    the longing
    are leaving,
    and so

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  3. It doesn’t matter if u fell it’s controversial.. But wat u fell is meant to be written down and put forth.. Weather ppl like it or not..

    Because it takes a lot of courage to go through wat was controversial and even more to express it

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    1. Thank you. It’s just something I felt needed to be said, and I wasn’t sure if people would take it offensively. But I don’t really care if they do because it’s my honest opinion and they can take it however they please.

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  4. Write as you feel. This is your space. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t feel the need to worry about offending others.

    Excellent work on the piece. Where did you find that art? I assume it is a painting. It is amazing!

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    1. Thank you, and I wasn’t worried about offending others. I was just saying that it could possibly be taken offensively.
      And I just Googled end of the world or something like that haha. I’m really not sure where I found the image.


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