Hands on Our Backs

Everyone has them.
Some choose to ignore it.
Some allow it to creep up inside and over take them.

Who’s doing the right thing?

If we avoid these feelings,
we are becoming vulnerable.
But if we accept them,
we can either learn to control it,
or be devoured.

Everyone chooses a different path,
and everyone has different demons.
Acceptance or ignorance-
the grand question.

Who are we to know what we should do?

For that question is unanswerable by many.
We, and us alone,
are the only ones to decide how or how not
to face these figments
that parade our minds and our dreams.

Those who succumb to the will of them
are those who fall behind,
stumble, and crack open
so wide
that we can’t see through them,
we can’t see them at all.

We only recognize the holes
that overtook who they once were.

But those who change the will of them
are those who succeed
move forward,
and live.
They have the control.

At least, for awhile.

There will always be a hand on our back.
Only it can choose to either guide you
or push you down.

Photo Credit: http://www.wmfclipart.com/images/Business/gif/PAT-BACK.gif


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