What are We?


Is it jealousy and envy’s rage
that set the stage
for relentless pain,
and tear stained eyes?
Or is it this world
morphing us all
into hateful humans
who are careless
to when others fall.
In fact-
we celebrate their demise
so that we can take pride
in our victory and prizes,
seemingly gifted to us
by the hands of hate,
but are always taken away by fate.
Life is changing.
We are changing.
Belonging to the world,
instead of owning our life.
What has unfurled
in front of our very eyes?
We’ve grown into a society
detached from one another.
We march on through-
into the war zone,
leaving others to fight alone.
We’re selfish,
with things beyond ourselves.
Why have we become so hardened
and divided from everyone else?


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