The Spark


As time passes by
the lights fade out
the darkness surrounding
fills our minds with doubt.
That the light had ever existed.
That the world once seemed like what it isn’t.

We lose our minds
and our souls slowly dim
as we’re trapped inside this never ending shade,
just waiting for our lives to begin…
Again? Amongst all this decay?
On this decrepit earth that once held our hopes?

But- what is our choice?
To become a headless creature of doubt?
Closed away from everyone around,
Living our lives lost in the dark,
Unable to open our eyes to see the spark.

The spark of light-
we were convinced that we imagined it.
But it only stayed as we moved past.
Time moves in circles,
not in a straight line,
So why are we still facing the night
and leaving the daylight behind?


27 thoughts on “The Spark

    1. Thank you so much! I actually have a chapbook I’ve been trying to get published, but I haven’t heard back from anyone :/
      And basically everywhere I try says that they’re “currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.”


    1. It wasn’t what I meant in this particular poem, but I did use that metaphor in my poem called “Collapsing Faith.” But I can see how you could have taken that in this poem. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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