Poetry Contests?

Does anyone know of free poetry contests that I can enter?
I have several poems that I would love to have published in a journal, anthology, or something as such, but I’m not even sure where to begin looking for ways to find contests like that.


18 thoughts on “Poetry Contests?

  1. Iam sure you can find contests online but many charge a fee ya know. I always wanted to enter one. Would love to read some of your poetry. CHECK out a few that I have posted on my blog


  2. There is a website called Poets and Writers that lists contests. You have to do a lot of browsing to find free ones though. Most contests charge and use the fees to pay the awards. But there are literary magazines that publish poems and don’t charge. Try googling Poetry submissions or find the book Poets Market for this year and it will list hundreds of markets for poetry, along with the type of poems they publish and submission guidelines. You have to be tenacious, it’s tough out there. Just keep submitting stuff and expect rejections, lots of them. You can’t take it personal because editors all look for different things, and one might not like your style while another loves it. Good Luck!

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    1. Thank you! And I don’t care to get a rejection, as long as I hear SOMETHING back. I’ve submitted to several different contests and publishers haven’t heard a single word back other than, “we’ve received your submission” haha that’s what’s aggravating me.


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