Plastic – A Haiku Couple


Synthetic,  plastic-
This world is no longer real.
Why escape classic?
What is the ideal?
Attempting all these tactics-
Searching for appeal.


21 thoughts on “Plastic – A Haiku Couple

  1. To each his or her own, but I especially admire those celebrities who choose to age naturally. I’ve seen some of my favorites who turned themselves into grown up “dolls”– and their new appearance is such a turn off. Nice verse.

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  2. So true, it baffles me how far people would go to become plastic. and all for what? to please a society who don’t care about you one bit? all they do is talk talk talk. and people would do this to the detriment of their bodies.

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      1. it is really sad. at one point or the other, we are all guilty, while trying to fit in, it is worthy to always note that we are unique beings, we should be happy being ourselves without going plastic in anyway. sticking to natural methods if you must fit in, but no magic is gonna happen, if you don’t love your natural self, you definitely wont be contented when you are plastic.


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