Soul Mates of Darkness – Interactive Poetry

Plumbell gave me the words bear, fox, tree, woods, love, and soul mates for my interactive poetry It took me a long time to get to this poem and I apologize that it’s been so long. Hope you enjoy it!


Beyond the trees
through the depths of these woods,
lies many secrets
of those often misunderstood.

The creatures that lurk
just out of our sight
are buried behind
a dreadfully alluring guise.

These shadowy figments
of emotions once controlled,
crawl along the surface,
aching to take hold.

Our soul mates of darkness,
our lovers of insanity.
The haunting animals
taunting our humanity.

But we hunt them down,
unafraid of what might appear,
but prepared to capture
our deepest fears.

The bear and the fox-
The strong and the sly,
sneak past,
avoiding the hunter’s eye.

They love the game,
hide and seek.
Hide your self wisely
or surely, they will peek.

27 thoughts on “Soul Mates of Darkness – Interactive Poetry

    1. Thank you! Poetry can be very vocal, some styles look pretty on paper, but don’t read well while others are the opposite. I usually read mine aloud after I write them to make sure they flow well and there aren’t any awkward words or phrases. I’m glad you like it šŸ™‚

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  1. Blair…. Thank you so very much, I love it! I haven’t been blogging for a while, as I have lost the plot with my dieting, and as my blog states ‘Foodcantbeatme’ I felt a tad hypocritical grrrrrrr. You have put a huge smile onto my face today and inspired me to get blogging again. Thank you xxx


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