The Jungle


I hate when I think
myself into oblivion.
There’s often no return.
My mind starts to wander
and gets lost in the jungle
of confusion and curiosity.

My thoughts trip over
the tree roots and tall grass.
And my ideas
get tangled in the vines.

The concepts I’ve always
believed to be true
are running from the lions.
Then my logic goes swimming
with the fish and the flamingos,
and gets trapped by a crocodile.

The monkeys keep badgering
and the birds seem to be laughing
while these creatures crawl around.
Making my path
too hard to follow
and far too easy to stumble.

The trees, too tall to climb
and the floor is too entwined.
I get lost in a haze
of brown and green, bark and leaves
and can sometimes be too hard to find.

The only sure way
to escape this place
is to close my eyes
and fall asleep
and hope my dreams will save me.

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