Spiraled Path


Slipping in the puddles
from yesterday’s rain,
I seem to lose my balance
as if it were something
I already had.

I reach for something–
a hand, perhaps,
just anything that can–
that will–
remain in my grasp.

I beg for solid ground
in which I can firmly stand.
A place to rest my feet,
that won’t continue to move
in circles– in spirals–
spinning me downward,
dizzying my mind,
nauseating my heart,
and confusing my soul.

These puddles surrounding me–
these fragments
of once considered thoughts
gather along the surface
of the course I often tread.
I need guided
away from this constant trek
and help to discover
a different path.


25 thoughts on “Spiraled Path

  1. My hand is outreached
    And I’ve got a plan
    Let me walk with you,
    Down a untraveled path
    Not through the sand
    Of an overturned hourglass
    Or the dust and dirt
    Of an unwanted past
    On concrete I stand
    Waiting to take your hand

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  2. We all need a guide. But sometimes we think our path is spiraled, but alas, it is the process of being woven into something meaningful. The beauty of a mat or basket is seen when the process is complete.

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  3. Wonderful. The lines “these fragments / of once considered thoughts” is gorgeous, and to compare to them to puddles upon which you slip is refreshing perspective. Like others, I feel I have been in this landscape all to often, with the sense of near hopelessness, knowing there has to be a better path. Great work.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you. I feel like I’m on this path all the time, where I feel like I can’t catch my balance and I’m just slipping and sliding around, hoping that I don’t fall. Maybe there’s a different path, maybe there’s something waiting to help you through it. All you can do is keep trudging along and hope for the best. πŸ™‚

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