How Do I

In my poetry,
the words no longer rhyme.
I don’t feel poetic
and I don’t see a song
in every sight.

I keep no steady rhythm
and I don’t know
where to
my lines.

My thoughts aren’t transformed
into lyrical expressions
and my emotions aren’t displayed
through any meter or verse.

Letters are just letters
that build words,
and words are nothing
but a collection of letters.

How do I create anything
with real meaning
out of an empty concept?

How do I create anything
with real meaning
out of an empty life?

41 thoughts on “How Do I

  1. Yesterday I started the pump to drag water 25 metres up from underground. We are having a drought down here and I needed to keep some grass green. The sight and sound of the sprinkler was like poetry to me. But after an hour or so the well started to run dry so I turned off the pump. This afternoon I will try again. It sometimes take a day or two for the water to seep through the underground rocks and crevasses of the artesian well but it always comes back. You just have to learn to be patient. Down to basics, it is a good well.But during a drought my neighbours are pumping water out of theirs as well and you can’t expect everything to stay exactly how you want it to stay.
    Anyway I just had to tell someone and by the way, I liked your poem!

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    1. Patience is something I need to work on, I have this fear that in situations like that, it never will come back. I guess I’m just a pessimist at heart, haha.
      But you’re right that you can’t expect everything to stay exactly how you expect it to stay. Nothing stays the same and everything is constantly changing, so expectations are often let down. The only thing you can expect is the unexpected and the only thing that will never change is that things are always changing. To some, that’s a good thing, and to others, it’s not. It all just depends on what you expected to begin with, I suppose.
      And thank you!


      1. Don’t we all? Think part of being a writer comes with that struggle you know! Like I wrote something different I’ll be like…idk if I like it…and my friend would love it. Kinda learned not to depreciate myself that much. And I did enjoy it! Thanks πŸ˜‰


  2. I think you answered your own question. When you feel empty, you right about emptiness. It doesn’t matter what we experience in life, some else can relate and appreciates you putting it into words. I hope the holiday season brings you brighter times!

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