Two Sentence Story Challenge

He poises himself on the brink of the black boundary that blocks him from stepping any closer as he holds the orange ember in his hands and slowly lets it drop to the ground and bounce back into his grip. The eyes of onlookers sear into his sides as he releases the cinder into the humid air– praying it turns fireball and burns through the net, he hears the echo of the flame as it hits, and teeters on the edge, along with him.

My (somewhat long) contribution to C.S. Wilde’s Two Sentence Story Challenge. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Two Sentence Story Challenge

  1. standing in the hall way, having completed the day’s journey into town and back as he had so many days before, Jacob smiled inwardly with quiet pleasure as he thought of the circular pattern of it all; the day beginning in silence, building in the crescendo of the success that was now his, and now returning to silence as he stood once again before the heavy wood door which waited for his key alone.
    a quick, metallic turn then a muffled thud and finally, he was home.


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