It Isn’t Introversion

It’s not nerves
or a fearful reluctance.
I’m not quiet,
backwards, or shy.
Strangers have exhausted
these terms they so often
use to describe me,
but these words
in no way define me.

I’ve never held my thoughts
close or kept my opinions
to myself.
I choose to listen,
to understand,
and to consider them,
their stories, their wishes,
their hopes and dreams
I express mine.

I choose to care about you
before I speak out.
Why can’t everyone else care
before they speak about me?

14 thoughts on “It Isn’t Introversion

  1. 👌 Even though my core is introverted, through necessity I have learned to be extroverted when I need to. It drains me but I can fly with the best of them. However, people often mistake hi character, hi morals, ethics, manners and chivalry for introversion. I come from a culture where all these things are taught in the household from a young age. We’re taught that it’s much more noble to reserve your tongue and listen and in effect, you will always be rewarded for your demeanour with the answer if your patient and considerate.

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    1. Good point!
      Many questions answer themselves with time. I also find that some responses can be insincere and the correct answers are sometimes hidden under layers of deception. Time always reveals the truth!

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  2. well done allison…it is indeed at some point better to care first before we speak up…my personal on this is that if have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all most especially if it is on a very personal level…however if your opinion is being asked then maybe say what’s in your mind..


  3. Introvert/Extrovert………We are who we are…..Would that we could all work towards being well-tuned Intro/Extroverts…..
    Love the post…..Might well follow….OK with you? 🙂


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