Mystical Winds


The soothsayer’s forthcoming prophecies
& the enchantments that slip
through the thin lips
of the old, convulsed witch
speak nothing of the power
that abides in the breath
of the wind. Its mystical whispers
echo in our ears, casting its spells & expelling its essence–
it surrounds us all with certain magic.


13 thoughts on “Mystical Winds

  1. I am a firm believer in the concept that the wind is actually, The creator’s divine influence on every thing that ever was. That is the signature of “something came out of nothing” but it’s there. There is no mystic nor magical about it, IMO.

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  2. You got me there. As I said “in the concept”, yes you are right. I bow down and asks for forgiveness from you. Yes it is a divine, magical, mystical all in one. Thank you for your input.

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