Overcome Writer’s Block

It stands guard against your half-engaged brain,
blocking the thoughts -the emotion-
from pouring from your mind,
through your heart, and to the tips
of your fingers for you to spill
onto the page.
To battle the warden of your words,
search for inspiration
in the crevices of monotony, of routine
and discover the beauty
in the every day.
Read of the places
others have traveled to,
escaped from,
or dreamed of.
Study their ventures,
their quests, and goals.
Endure their heartbreak,
their elation, and confusion.
Look into their words
and uncover your own.

I have a Q&A on my instagram where I write poems based on questions readers ask. The first question I tackled was how I overcome writers block.

If you would like to ask me a question about myself, writing, life, anything really, just comment below. I will write a poem to answer your question!


33 thoughts on “Overcome Writer’s Block

  1. I recently wrote a piece about the everyday and the mundane. It isn’t easy to extract beauty and significance from the ordinary. The leap into extraordinary is a matter of focus, but we often seek truth in an objective sense. In other words, if I have to ponder it, it must be fiction not fact.

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    1. It can be difficult, but if you just think about ordinary things, your mind, or my mind at least, wants to take you other places. For example, my poem “i consider oblivion everyday,” I wrote it in the car. All I did was think about driving down the road and my mind took me there. Mundane ideas won’t always lend you the greatest pieces, but it lends you something to work from and “get your creative juices flowing.”


  2. splendid poetic discourse on overcoming writer’s block. i feel you have eloquently expressed that a writer needs to engage the world around them, the people around them, rather than sit back and wait for the inspiration to wash over them.

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