I hear the clattering
as it ricochets from the surfaces
it chooses to touch.
It pools and puddles,
then rises, and
once more, cycling
through time and through nature,
breaking apart,
then gathering together,
providing peace through its sounds
of continuous clamor.

Just a quick little poem about rain. I haven’t had much time to write lately, hopefully I’ll be able to get something up that I have more time to work on soon.


24 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Sometimes I stand on the bridge over a ditch close to where I live just to listen to the water sounds. I especially like where the flow is interrupted by a chunk of uncomfortable cement, increasing the volume of the swirl until it turns into a gurgle, a continuous gurgle. Very peaceful. I like it. Nice. Feels nice. Very comforting.

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    1. Sounds wonderful. My fiancé put a bid in on a house that’s basically In the woods and has a creek in the back yard. I’m hoping so much that he gets it. The sights and sounds would be similar and so peaceful.


      1. Yea, I was spoiled that way. My backyard growing up…river, pastures, gravel bars, sand bars, trees, glades, even an old bridge lodged into the trees from a flood. Ran out there down the cow trails, but I always needed people more. I would listen to the river and get anxious. Its song could never substitute the beating human heart. I tried and tried to find solace there by the river, but I needed people. That’s why I taught school and coached cross-country. I just needed people.


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